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  • Old Age Home in India

    At Nema Elder care, We provides assisted living facility especially designed for senior citizens/old age peoples and a final solution for some challenging situations!
  • Are you looking for 24X7 Elder Care facilities for your loved ones?

    Please consult with us for the right elder care service.
  • Nema Elder Care provides best old age care in India

    We provide holistic care that focuses on all aspects of an elderly's life.

Luxury Elder/Old Age Care Homes

Nema Care is India's luxurious leading Elder Care provider. Our Independent Living, Assisted Living & Senior Care and Home Care programmes are designed specifically for you. You can choose from a wide range of elder services. At Nema Elder Care, We aim to provide the most reliable and supportive care that qualify seniors to live significant lives.

We have a team of certified nursing staff, Care assistants and attendants who all are well trained, experienced and professional. Our staff is passionate and dedicated to providing compassionate care for seniors. Join the Nema Care family today.

Elder Care Services

Nema Elder Care have qualified clinical staff specialize in providing round-the-clock elder care services.

Here For You Always

Looking for someone professional to take care of your aged parents while you are at work?
Nema Elder care offers trained attendants and nurses who will assist the elder care services.
  • Fixing a diet plan
  • Giving medicines on time
  • Oral Hygiene and Bed Bath/Sponge Bath
  • Feeding and bathroom assistance
  • Assist with exercises
  • Polite conversations
Let us help you care for your loved one in their golden age.


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